Susan Bang PR

When corporate and public relations agency staffs are at their leanest, quality control of large projects often comes under pressure.

We have all been there: You are at the 11th hour and you find yourself short staffed. You’re stretched in too many directions and need someone, who can pitch in at a senior level to oversee a project, so you can keep your mind on the big picture. To ensure seamless execution and accountability, my Virtual VP service provides a solution for agencies and in-house staff needing support in coordinating elements or entire programs. External relations services include overseeing and monitoring relationships and activities of in-house staff, other agencies and vendors.

Case History: A large independent PR firm discovered that one element of the largest marketing push in a decade had taken on a life of its own. It was growing beyond their media department’s capabilities to manage while pitching TV coverage at the same time. They hired me to become a virtual member of the team, take responsibility for the project, ride herd, keep within budget, and guarantee quality control. Said the client: “You were a godsend!”

Call me at the 9th hour, so the 11th hour won’t be so bad. I also have my own SWAT team of like-minded creative, independent talent on call when needed to support you.

The PR agency landscape is increasing project driven. With so many corporations staying liquid with their budgets to accommodate sudden opportunities with emerging media, agencies must be poised to move on every project to maintain client continuity and keep their budgets secure. Your VirtualVP can help you staff up on a senior level -- as needed -- while keeping your account teams lean and profitable.